Vicious (Villains #1)

“There are no good men in this game.”


Hi, so my life was basically nonexistent until I read this book, that’s how much I loved it.

V.E Schwab is just a master at writing compelling characters, every character was intriguing here, and also, the writing in this book was just so addictive, I wanted to sit and binge read it and forget about all of my basic needs.

Vicious is a story of morally grey characters, which are my entire life.

Victor Vale
Victor Vale is my actual father and anyone who disagrees can meet me in the pit.

He’s just so amazing, I would fully lay my body down in oncoming traffic for him. Well, I would lay my body down in oncoming traffic for most of the characters in this book, and the author, and the dog.

Like his character struggles are so interesting. Because in reality he just wants someone to pay attention to him. Like if Eli just gave him attention all character struggles would be over.

“Hate was too simple a word. He and Eli were bonded, by blood and death and science. They were alike, more so now than ever. And he had missed Eli. He wanted to see him. And he wanted to see him suffer. He wanted to see the look in Eli’s eyes when he lit them up with pain. He wanted his attention.”

But I mean he’s just so amazing and just like, what a great dad to Sydney. You can’t deny the parental skills of a man who tortures a cop for a while but then just offers to take his adoptive daughter out for hot chocolate. WE STAN

Eli Ever

“Plenty of humans were monstrous, and plenty of monsters knew how to play at being human.”

Eli can literally fight me. Need I say more?

In all honesty, his character is just as interesting as the others. He’s very power hungry, and 100% believes in his goals which I love characters who have no doubt in their goals. But also, you seek to cause Victor’s downfall and I can’t let that happen. Sorry 😦


So Mitch is at first glance, a burly, scary man who in reality, is just really good at hacking and loves chocolate milk. He’s also just the nicest of people and basically Sydney’s other parent. Did anyone else hear the sound of V.E Schwab destroying the patriarchy?


I just feel bad for Sydney, she’s had it really rough but is also a necromancer and I really love her. She was picked up off the side of the road by Victor, further proving he’s the best father.


A dog who died and Sydney brought back to life immediately and will continue resurrecting every time it dies. How is it that V.E Schwab can make a dog more compelling than human characters in other books? These are the real questions

Anyways, everyone should be reading this book because it’s amazing and one of my new favorites.

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